Ravel: Concerto for the Left Hand.

Charles Münch, conductor. Alfred Cortot, piano.

DESCRIPTION: 2 discs, 78 rpm, 12 in.

NOTES: Recorded 12 May 1939, Th. Pigalle. Matrix numbers 2LA 3059-2, 2060-3, 3061-1, 3062-2. Duration (from CDs): 15:27 (Pearl), 15:33 (Lys).

    • Gramophone DB 3885-3886
      • = Victor 15749-50 (Victor set 629)
      • Rpt. as LP: EMI 2C051-43.370M (HMV 2C 05143370 M), with Saint-Saëns: Piano Concerto No. 4 in C Minor, op. 44 (Cortot / Münch / "orchestre," rec. 9 July 1935). Sleeve notes by André Tubeuf (Fr., Eng.).
      • CD, in Alfred Cortot Plays French Concertos: Pearl GEMM CD 9491, tr. 7 (Ravel), 4-5 (Saint-Saëns). Produced by Allan Evans; sound transfers by Seth B. Winner. UK, 1991.
      • Rpt. as CD: Rpt. as CD, in Charles Münch ... vol. 2: LYS 270, tr. 3. 1997.

    NOTE on Saint-Saëns 1935 recording: This recording of 9 July 1935 (Victor set M367; matrix numbers 2EA 1514 to 1519) is with a group identified only as "orchestre," in a session at the Abbey Road studio of EMI in London; it was the first recording session for Charles Münch, who, though already successful in Paris, so far had no affiliation with the Société des Concerts. The society still recorded exclusively with Coppola. A recent reprint identifies the orchestra as the London PO, and it appears this recording was made in London, 9 August 1935.

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