Wagner: from Tannhäuser:  Prelude to Act III

Felix Weingartner, conductor

DESCRIPTION: 1 disc, 78 rpm, 12 in.

NOTES: Recorded 12 May 1939, Th. Pigalle. Matrix number CLX 2167-2168.

    • Columbia fr. LX 868
    • = Columbia fr. LFX 576 (BnF copy)
    • = Columbia US 69793D [Copy: US-Wc].
    • Rpt. as LP with prelude to act III of Tristan und Isolde (39~140), Götterdämmerung excerpts (39~110) and Siegfried-Idyll (London PO) in Columbia ML 4680 (Columbia Masterworks "Special Collectors" Series). 1 disc, 33 1/3 rpm, mono, 12 in. Program notes by Susan Burroughs on slipcase. [1953]. $5.45. Rev. July 1953ff.
    • As LP in The Art of Felix Weingartner (Tristan act III prelude; Tannhäuser act III prelude; Marche troyenne; Wine, Women, and Song; Alcina suite; Rienzi overture, all q. v.; [also works of Beethoven, Liszt, Strauss, Jr., and Brahms / LSO, British SO, and Vienna PO]): His Master's Voice HLM 7072-74 (RLS 717) (3 LPs).
    • Rpt. as CD with Rienzi overture and Berlioz "Marche troyenne" (39~110) and prelude to act III of Tristan und Isolde (39~140): Arkadia 629.

    INDEX: 39~130