50e ANNÉE: 1876-77


President: Ambroise Thomas
Vice-Pres., 1r chef: E.-M.-E. Deldevez
2e chef: Charles Lamoureux
Secretary: Paul Taffanel
Comm. pers.: Porthéhaut
Comm. mat.: Tolbecque
Agt. compt.: Jules Garcin
Arch.-Caissier: Hipployte Rabaud
Rép. chant: Heyberger
Memb. adj.: Thibault

Insp. Salle: Delahaye

Caisse de Prévoyance
   Secretary: Lebouc
   Agt. compt.: Ferrand
   Treas.: Lecointe


18 concerts + mass at the Église de la Trinité in memory of Habeneck and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Société des Concerts; the concerts of 4 and 11 February, with Beethoven's Ninth, were billed as commemorating Habeneck.
New Works: Palestrina: Adoremus te, Schumann: Symphony No. 3 ("Rhenish"). Living French composers: Saint-Saëns: Piano Concerto No. 3; Vaucorbeil: Mahomet (excerpts from act II); Vieuxtemps: Cello Concerto; Reyer: Sigurd (overture)
Guest soloists: Delaborde (Saint-Saëns: Piano Concerto No. 3)
Assemblée Générale: 15 May 1877


Sociétaires (10 October 1876): Conte (viola, 419); (17 October 1876): Biloir (cello, 420), Tubeuf (doublebass, 421), de Bailly (doublebass, 422), Vasseur (tenor, 423), Jacquin (tenor, 424): (17 April 1877): Gillet (oboe, 425), Delsart (cello, 426), Wenner (violin, 427)
Separations: Marx aîné (cello, 242; retired, m. h.), Louvergne (tenor, 328; retired, m. h.), Émery (timpani, 297; resigned for illness, m. h.), Cras (oboe, 293; resigned for illness, m. h.), Delisse (trombone, 331; resigned for illness, m. h.), Mme Meyer (soprano, 238; resigned), Bernhardt (viola, 386; resigned), White (violin, 362; resigned to pursue solo career in North and South America)
Deaths: Télesinski (violin, 408), A. Lafitte (chorusmaster, 400)


  • Financial result of mass at the Trinité, 9 February 1877 (see detail):
        1526.80 francs income (offerings)
     - 966.55 francs expenses
     = 560.25 francs given to the Association des Artistes-Musiciens.


Minutes, Committee: D 17345 (9)
Minutes, Assemblée Générale:
Secretary's Report: D 17341 (15 May 1877, Taffanel)