63e ANNÉE: 1889-90


President: Ambroise Thomas
Vice-Pres., 1r chef: Jules Garcin
2e chef: Danbé
Secretary: Taffanel
Comm. pers.: Wenner
Comm. mat.: Fridrich
Agt. compt.: Wacquez
Arch.-Caissier: A. Turban
Rép. chant: Heyberger
Memb. adj.: Lefort

Insp. Salle: Flajollet

Caisse de Prévoyance
   Secretary: Taffanel
   Agt. compt.: Lafitte
   Treas.: A.Turban


18 concerts + Exposition concert at Trocadéro (20 June 1888), soirée J.-B. Weckerlin (24 April 1890).
First performances: Wagner: finale of Die Meistersinger; Handel: St.-Cecilia Ode; Delibes: ballet music from Le Roi s'amuse; Pfeifffer: Piano Concerto; Brahms: Symphony No. 4.
Living French composers: Pfeiffer: Piano Concerto, Garcin: Suite Symphonique
Soloists: Nellie Melba, Mme. Roger-Miclos, Paderewski
Assemblée Générale: 28 May 1890


Sociétaires (11 June 1889): Papin (cello, 500), Gauthier (cello, 501), Bas (oboe, 502); (13 May 1890): Rieu (violin, 503), Narçon (504)
Separations: Dumas (violin, 298; retired, m. h.),  Tubeuf  (doublebass, 421; retired, m. h.), Verrimst (doublebass, 301; retired, m. h.), Rousseau (tenor, 405; retired, m. h.), Boussagol (bass ch., 307; retired, m. h.), Fréret (bass ch., 350; retired, m. h.), Margaillon (bass ch., 324; retired, m. h.), Desfourneaux (doublebass, 382; resigned, illness, m. h.), Dupuis (tenor, 353; resigned, illness, m. h.; see "Deaths," below), Soyer (bass ch., 417; resigned, illness, m. h.), Taudou (violin, 397; resigned, m. h.), Marthe (cello, 461; resigned)
Deaths: Dupuis (tenor, 353), Bernis (viola, 468), Vaslin (cello, 091), Lecointe (violin, 198), Porthéhaut (bass ch., 254 and 291)


Minutes, Committee: D 17345 (11, 12 from 24 December 1889)
Minutes, Assemblée Générale:
Secretary's Reports (Taffanel): D 17341 (rapport moral, 28 May 1890); D 17340 (for AG of 28 May 1890, on proposal to modify article 15 of statutes to subject conductors to re-election, defeated)