93e ANNÉE: 1919-20


President: Gabriel Fauré
Vice-Pres., 1r chef: Philippe Gaubert
2e chef: Tracol
Secretary: A. Seitz (elected for 1 year to finish term of Bleuzet, continued by Tracol and interrupted by the war)
Comm. pers.: Luquin
Comm. mat.: Paulin Gaillard (exercised functions of arch-caiss, replacing Chavy en congé, having left his duties to Mr Couppas
Agt. compt.: Migard (elected for a year to finish term of Loiseau, interrupted by the war)
Arch.-Caissier: Chavy (congé for 1 year from June 1919)
Rép. chant: Félix Leroux
Memb. adj.: Couppas acting as Comm. mat. replacing J. Gaillard, called to post of M.Chavy

Insp. Salle:

Caisse de Prévoyance
   Secretary: A. Seitz
   Agt. compt.: Louis Bleuzet
   Treas.: Félix Rose


20 concerts, beginning at 3:00 P.M. Benefit: 30 years of the Trocadéro (22 April 1920). Reception for New York Symphony Society and Walter Damrosch (8 May 1920). Out-of-town: Rouen, 28 March 1920[?}
Assemblée Générale: 24 January 1920 extraordinaire (elect Gaubert vice-president, overlooked in 1919); 27 May 1920


Separations: Duttenhoffer (violin, 592; resigned), Chaine (trumpet, 636; "irregular defection"), Dumoulin (cello, 541; retired, m. h.)


Minutes, Committee: [D 17345 (18)]
Minutes, Assemblée Générale: D 17342 (1), pp. 171 (24 January 1920), 172-75 (27 May 1920)
Secretary's Report: