94e ANNÉE: 1920-21


President: Gabriel Fauré, Henri Rabaud from September 1920
Vice-Pres., 1r chef: Philippe Gaubert
2e chef: A. Tracol
Secretary: A. Seitz
Comm. pers.: F. Luquin
Comm. mat.: M. Couppas
Agt. compt.: A. Gelder
Arch.-Caissier: J. Gaillard
Rép. chant: F. Leroux
Memb. adj.: R. Delbos

Insp. Salle: Besson

Caisse de Prévoyance
   Secretary: A. Seitz
   Agt. compt.: Louis Bleuzet
   Treas.: F. Rose, then F. Luqin from 12 November 1920


20 concerts; benefit concert at Conservatoire (9 December 1920, cond. Paul Vidal). Out-of-town: Brussels, 20 May 1920 (public rehearsal and concert); Lyon, 8 March 1921; Marseille, 16-17 April 1921 (two concerts). Independent concerts Isadora Duncan (19-20, 26-27 June 1920), Br. Hubermann, violin (24 May 1921?). Other: Admission to dress rehearsals, for 5 francs, instituted.
First performances:
Living French composers: Caplet, Lazzari, Pierné, Gédalge: Symphony No. 2 in F, d'Ollone
Soloists: Georges Enesco
Assemblées Générales: 12 November 1920 extraordinaire (successor to F. Rose as treas., CdP), 27 May 1921


Aspirants en cas: Larmée (doublebass, [700]), A. Charon (doublebass, [717]); actifs: Maréchal (cello [solo], [674]), Villain (viola, [673]), A. Zighéra (violin, [675]), P. Brousse (doublebass, [686]), Girardier (violin, [688]), Catherine (violin, [680]), Lévy (violin, [681]), R. Bas (violin, [683]). Sociétaire adjoint: Leduc (doublebass, [692]), Villain (viola solo, [673]), [Boudard (oboe, [676])]. Externes: Vignal (trumpet solo), Voisin (trumpet, [678]).
Sociétaires (8 June 1920): Pascal (violin, 656), Poirrier (violin, 657), Serret (violin, 658), L. Zighéra (violin, 659), Jurgensen (viola, 660), Gaudichon (cello, 661), Moyse (flute solo, 662), Boulze (flute, 663), Manouvrier (flute, 664), Duquès (clarinet, 665), Fr. Oubradous (bassoon solo, 666), Jacot (bassoon, 667),  Guilloteau (bassoon, 668), Épinoux (horn, 669)
Separations: Chavy (viola, 532; retired, m. h.), F. Rose (bass ch., 538; retired, m. h.); Migard (viola solo, 613; retired, m. h.), Papin (cello solo, 500; resigned, m. h.), Sujol (tenor, 574; retired, m. h.), L. Dérivis (bass ch., 564; retired, m.h.), Devaux (violin, 654; resigned), O'Kelly (doublebass; resigned, illness), Vieux (viola solo, 595; resigned, conflicting engagements), Jurgensen (viola, 660; resigned, congé refused), Nauwinck (violin, 625; resigned, illness), Barraine (cello, 586; resigned), Furet (cello, 620; resigned), Rabatel (cello, 644; resigned)



Minutes, Committee: D 17345 (19)
Minutes, Assembléed Générales: D 17342 (1), pp. 176-78
Secretary's Report: