113e ANNÉE: 1939-40


President: Henri Rabaud
Vice-Pres., 1r chef: Charles Munch
Secretary: Jean Savoye (year 2 of term)
Comm. pers.: Georges Guérin (year 1 of term)
Comm. mat.: Pierre Brousse (year 1)
Agt. compt.: André Huot (year 2)
Arch.-Caissier: Raphaël Delbos (year 1 of new term)
Comm. pub.: Emmanuel Elissalde (year 2)
Memb. adj.: August Cruque

Insp. Salle: Jean Saraillé

Caisse d'Allocation et de Post-Activité
   Secretary: Louis Bleuzet
   Agt. compt.: Auguste Cruque
   Treas.: Victor Cœur


0 concerts in official season; Münch organized and conducted on 10 and 17 December 1949 and 17 April 1940.
Assemblée Générale: 13 June 1939 (extraordinaire); no meeting at conclusion of session


Aspirants actifs: P. Benedetti (violin, [747]), Denayer (violin, [763]), Puig (violin, [766]), Elkan (violin, [771]); Sabarich (trumpet, [760]; appointed as stagiare). Also appointed: Luton (percussion, [759])
Sociétaires (10 May 1939): Cordier (cello solo, 755), Lamorlette (oboe solo, 756), Thévet (horn, 757), Cavaillé (horn, 758)
Separations: Gaudichon (cello, 660; retired, m. h.), Mallet (tenor, 639; retired, m. h.), Hardy (violin, 682; resigned, m. h.), Serret (violin, 658; resigned, m. h.; may have served again briefly after the war), Deruyck (trumpet, 752; resigned, conflcit with military duty), Quesnel (violin, 728; resigned); Loterie (bass clarinet, 690; dismissed after declining invitation to resign)


Minutes, Committee:  D 17345 (21)
Minutes, Assemblée Générale: none.
Secretary's Report:
Other: Wartime correspondence, D 17264 (7)